10 Aug Are You Using IFTTT?

One of the many tools on the net is, short for If This Then That (pronounced "ifft"). It makes very complicated, almost impossible tasks like receiving an email whenever your business name gets used in a tweet, simple. Very simple. You select a trigger (if...

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16 Jul Sometimes Popular Is Better

Despite what our mothers told us, sometimes being popular is better. A good friend of mine and I have an ongoing rivalry about many geek things. We argue incessantly about things like Macs vs. PCs, what games are better, etc. I scored a major victory when...

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08 Dec What MP3 Player Should I Get?

The first step is to determine size. In order to sound good, MP3s need to be encoded around 128kbps (kilobits per second… 128 is considered “near CD quality”). So, a standard 4 minute song is 240 seconds, which means 128×240=30720kb which is about 3,840KBytes (8...

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