Author: Miki

05 Jul Just 10 Millions Twitter Users In China?

According to Techcrunch, Twitter has just 10 million users in China. Early estimates had the number at just over 35M. China, though, has twitter alternatives like Weibo. Overall, Twitter reported 310M monthly active users (MAUs) with 65M from the U.S. and the remaining 245M abroad....

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23 Jun Twilio Opens Trading At $23.99

Messaging service platform Twilio began trading today on Wall Street at $23.99. The stock was priced at $15 and has already shot up nicely. Want to make a app using messaging and/or voice, that's where Twilio comes in. I believe WhatsApp is even a customer. Here's their...

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19 Jan WhatsApp Goes Free!

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has dropped its subscription service, the company announced today. With almost a billion users, myself included, WhatsApp has become the go-to for message friends/family internationally. But paying the $1 subscription to continue to use the service became problematic. But now under Facebook, will...

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